Photo: Robbie Sweeny; Dancer: Joe Landini


Amy Lewis

Joe Landini
Researched and written by Amy Lewis, read by Agnes Szelag
Compiled and edited from a 2015 interview with Joe Landini conducted by Amy lewis
Dan Wool
“I’ll House You” by the Jungle Brothers, “I Can’t Forget” by Mr. Lee, “Like This” by Chip E., “You Use to Hold Me” by Ralphi Rosario, “Let’s Go” by Farley JackMaster Funk, “Respect” by Adeva, “Good Life” by Inner City. Mixed by DJ Chill X
Powerhouse, gay bar and sex club; Brush Place and Hallam St., home to many gay men before the fire of 1981; Harriet St., close to 1015 Folsom which was a major bathhouse complex; Morris St., significant for freeway overpass, a landmark of SoMa since 1936; Blow Buddies, sex club


SOMA Now and Then was part of a body of work that explores how our psyche is effected by the rapid change we witness in our city. Throughout her life Lewis intends to explore San Francisco’s multifarious neighborhoods, creating performance pieces (each focused on a different area) that combine a walking tour with a dance piece.  Tread the Tendernob (2011), produced in conjunction with Meridian Gallery, was the first project of this kind that was created.

SOMA Now and Then consisted of one man’s journey through South of Market’s back alleys and secret rooms, as the neighborhood’s queer culture shifts from the heyday of leathermen into today’s tech boom. Through choreographed movement and personal anecdote, artist Joe Landini led audiences on a walking tour of the neighborhood, beginning at the SF Eagle at the corner of 12th and Harrison Streets, and finishing at Blow Buddies several blocks away.

Photo: Robbie Sweeny; Dancer: Joe Landini


Joe Landini
Agnes Szelag


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